About Us
Lions point of difference
Our point of difference is our relationship with our Clients. We focus on developing a close and ongoing relationship with those we work with. In this industry, needs are often changing and problems can occur. We are there. We listen. We understand. We solve the problem or deliver your new requirements efficiently and quickly. We remain committed.

Our Philosophy

We are cleaning specialists. It is simple. Lions Cleaning philosophy is also simple. It is all about commitment.

Lions Cleaning is committed to: Our people, our cleaning, our service and most importantly our Clients.

We are committed to:
  • Delivering the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene and making certain this standard is maintained
  • Ensuring an environment that is safe and visually pleasing for staff and public
  • Providing an effective, highly trained and friendly cleaning staff
  • Recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our staff
  • Teamwork
  • Adoption of Best practice across all we do
  • Implementing new and better methods and systems for ongoing optimum performance
  • Providing a cost efficient and timely service
  • Understanding and anticipating our client’s specific needs then satisfying those needs effectively and promptly.
Company Details:

Director: Brendan Riseley M. 0412381303   E. brendan@lionscleaning.com.au

General Manager: Tim Smith M. 0417382376. E . tim@lionscleaning.com.au

Environmental Manager: Julia O`Shaughnessy
Manager Queensland: Leon Douglas
Manager NSW & ACT: Troy Uglovski
Manager Victoria: Anna Barbuto
Cleaning Sites: 35
Cleaning Personnel: 150
Industry Experience: 20 years
Work Cover: QBE
Public Liability: Australian Brokers
Financial Institution: ANZ Malvern
Accountants: Combined Accounting


Contact Us

Director: Brendan Riseley
M. 0412381303  
E. brendan@lionscleaning.com.au

Address: Ground Floor 620 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.
Postal address:  PO Box 3012,
South Melbourne,3205.
Phone:  03 8669 2037
Fax:  03 9521 5566